Monday 10 May 2010

Can I become an independent professional too?

"Why do you choose to become an independent professional?" - that's a question I got asked a lot at the beginning when I turned independent. Nowadays, the question that I got asked a lot is "Can I become an independent professional too?".

I shall answer this question with a list of questions that you should ask yourself:

  • "Do you have multiple skills, experience and knowledge that are sought after by many potential clients in the market?"
  • "Do you have a good network of friends or business associates who can either refer projects to you or connect you with the potential clients?"
  • "Do you have the necessary administrative skill to take care of all the managerial aspect of an independent professional business?" (think about no more colleagues to take care of your accounting, IT, office supplier, document filing, phone calls etc.
  • "Can you stand a famine/overfed business income cycle?"

more later.

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